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What's Going On In Your World?

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Grab a cup of coffee and hang out with us for a bit. :)

What's going on in your world right now?

What's been keeping you busy?
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Can I copy and paste? 馃榾

More seriously, just keeping on. Right now my wife and I are at a place where a number of people look to us to be their stability and their support and we believe that's where we are supposed to be so we go with it. But those needs come on a timetable that isn't necessarily ours. So we're careful about making sure we preserve some time to recharge ourselves.

Now that spring seems to be around the corner, we're getting out more. It's easier to take walks outside without getting in the car or dodging pools of ice. It's time to look at spring cleaning (decluttering) we haven't gotten to this winter. No major projects. Kind of like we just woke up in the morning. We need a little time to figure out exactly where we are and what we're going to do next.
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Well, in my world, the words are flowing, the ideas are growing, and the puns are constantly sowing!b haha:p:p:LOL:
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