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The Keto Prepper: How to Stock Up and Stay Prepared for Emergencies

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Living the Keto lifestyle, we already know how important it is to maintain a healthy balance of fats, protein, and carbohydrates in our daily diets. But what happens when an emergency strikes and our usual food sources are unavailable? Let's discuss Keto friendly ideas and strategies for navigating emergencies.

How have you prepared for emergencies?

What items do you keep in your emergency food supply? What's on your checklist?

Let's share tips, experiences, and strategies for staying healthy and maintaining our keto diets during emergencies. By sharing our knowledge and supporting each other, we can navigate even the most challenging times while staying true to our keto lifestyles.
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This topic has been in my thoughts recently and is something I am actively working on.

So many people don't realize that being prepared for emergencies isn't just about hurricanes, tornados, floods, etc. It's about being prepared for whatever life throws your way. I have an online friend, an avid prepper, who suddenly lost his job through no fault of his own. He could feed his family during that challenging time because he invested in getting prepared.

Emergency preparedness is for everyone. While I fully understand that during the aftermath of a hurricane, the last thing people will be thinking about is how many carbs they consume. For those who live a Keto lifestyle for health reasons, though, such as type 2 diabetes, it is definitely something they will want to consider when possible.

How you choose to prepare depends entirely on your personal needs.

For example, I am working toward my lifelong dream of living full-time in my van. This means I won't be able to have a room or even a closet filled with my preps, but I can still be prepared. I bought a strong tote from my local Costco that fits under my built-in bed. Within it, I will store canned meat, tuna, real butter powder, sour cream powder, heavy cream powder, freeze-dried ground beef, freeze-dried veggies, Augason Farms dried whole eggs, and of course, freeze-dried coffee.
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