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Usually strict keto
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Hi, I'm Steve. I'm a happy retired 60-something grandpa (to six, depending on how you count them all 馃榾). I live in Minnesota, which I love except for a few days each winter when someplace more temperate sounds a whole lot better. Before I retired I spent more than 30 years in IT (which is like 210 years in many other lines of work) and I'm still involved with computers here and there. I'm also a moderator at another VerticalScope forum that specializes in diabetes support (give me the green light and I'll mention it specifically).

I follow a keto eating plan because I'm a Type 2 diabetic of several years. When I was first diagnosed I didn't take the Dx seriously. But when I realized that I wanted to see our grandkids graduate high school and start their adult lives, I knew I had to take my diabetes seriously. But I also had seen how the American standard of care for T2 diabetes didn't seem to serve people well (including my father, who had diabetes his entire adult life). Long-term diabetics did not seem to be in good shape for all that medical attention. And some of the treatment didn't even make sense to me: my body can't handle carbs. Why am I eating so many of them that I have to use medicine or insulin to counteract their effects? That's when I discovered keto.

I've been keto for years now. I'll admit that it's tough to keep keto sometimes. But my success with it converted my primary care physician (or at least kept her from being an enemy of the idea) and all my other doctors are happy with my blood glucose levels and how I've kept the usual diabetic symptoms at bay. All that makes it work for me!

Looking forward to meeting other like spirits here.
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