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It can be difficult to deal with friends & family concerned about your dietary choices, especially those who believe the Keto lifestyle is just another fad diet.

For me, it helped to be ready with a response ahead of time.
  • Share your personal experience to help educate them about the benefits you've received from Keto.
  • Let them know about recent studies regarding the keto lifestyle over on NCBI.
  • Gently remind them (with a smile) that your nutritional and health decisions are your own.
How do you respond? :)

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I respond by asking for the same respect for my lifestyle choices that others would want for theirs. If keto was a fad diet unsupported by science I would feel differently. But it has had decades of successful use by various groups. And I have a folder on my computer with links to reviewed medical studies that support keto and reviews of studies that note their flaws (sponsorship, sample size, etc.). And I've got years of my own lab results that prove that keto has worked for me.

I've had to do some education (for example, the difference between ketosis and ketoacidosis). But I try not to come on too strong about keto. Eventually most people come around at least a little. My next door neighbor (who loves her sweets) recently had some blood glucose issues that required medical attention. I'm not sure she could do strict keto. But she knew who to ask about cutting back on carbs. And she has. Good for her!
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