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Being Gluten Free and on the GF diet, those who are savvy know the Keto diet is a bit stricter than the GF diet overall. When people as questions about the GF diet, they become memorized to state it's too hard to follow. Then I tell them, then why are you on Keto diets being harder and limited vs the GF diet.

Gluten in the Latin means GLUE. Yes, you eat gluten grains and it sticks to you in your body in several forms. In the brain, the gluten components cause the brain fog condition. Dr. Tom O'Bryan since the 80s has been a leading voice on how gluten affects the body.

My gluten sensitivity goes back 4 generations into the 1800s. Prior to this, the family has no idea where it was introduced in the family tree.

When people with IBS or gluten sensitivity or other guts problems, if they can't grasp the GF diet, I tell them to start off with the keto diet.

The keto diet tends to help people in various gut health issues. Its balanced enough to get a beginner going in the right direction.

I still do some grains, but not a big grain consumer. Buckwheat, millet, and quinoa are the primary. The secondary in limited amounts are corn and steel cut oats. All have to be organic.

Some of my acquaintances are on keto. We discuss the ins-outs of what works in the keto diet and what doesn't. The issues are keeping a balance on the glycemic scale. Another has issues with eating anything that comes out of a shell, like nuts, grains and shellfish. So part keto and part GF diet are the ways the person keeps a lifestyle balance.

When people mention Keto and in passing, one name comes up almost all the time, Dr. Mercola. He has so many articles publish on the keto SKD it's truly amazing. He also has many articles and shared articles with Dr. Tom O'Bryan on the GF diet.

Anyone else here tired these two diets or use both in certain instances as a hybrid life-diet of sorts?
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