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As a knock-off of the same question with Cheese, has anyone on the keto diet or GF diet use Ghee as a spread or as a butter or the strained liquid in your home recipes?
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Not all goats and sheep breeds offer the ability to make Ghee butter as the milk fat is the desired percentage needed.

Nubian crosses with Boar and Alpine breeds tend to give very good results. The difficulty is, having a goat herd with the right genetic percentages to maintain a good consistent ghee for butter fat, nutrition and flavor content. I know, we've been at this for nearly 20 years now. Some people call us being way toooo picky when we seek out male bucks for breading purposes. Mainstream large production herds do not care, so the constant ghee flavor, taste and how your recipes turns out can vary. Plus when done organically, it's another layer of perfection for making ghee a very sought after product unlike anything regular butter can offer.

Ghee is so much healthier than butter.

Flavor of ghee is critical on how it's used. Not all ghee products are the same as various factors are involved with herds, herd diets, no grains for the herds (no soy, corn, wheat, rye, etc). And in winter, goats will nibble on pine needles (it's healthy) and the flavor changes a bit too. We keep learning raising a dairy goat herd. Its fun to an extent.

Some people are TURNED OFF to anything as a goat product due to the 'goaty' smel and/or taste. There is a method to completely eliminate both. 1. Do not have bucks around or up wind of the females. Or don't have them on the farm period. 2. When the females are in-heat, their milk is pet-milk on the farm (usually late Fall.) Most farmers and commercial operations for goat daires do not separate the dairy females. So the repulsive taste and smell lingers in a bad way. We've removed those causing factors.

People who are true Foodies or Beyond Organic want to know more of how their food is raise and the proper methods of care taken in each step of the way.

Dr. Axe goes into a really deep article on Ghee for the keto and GF diets. It's a great read.

This link will show a nice image of perfected Ghee. Looks easy, yet there are ways to master it into perfection.

Have you used ghee yet?
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