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Yea I know, how hard is it to make an egg.
Well I'm lazy when it comes to fixing things.

My son taught me this.
Break an egg into a corning ware glass coffee cup. Seems to work well in a glass cup.
Scramble with a fork.
Add a little butter, pepper or whatever.

Put into microwave, depending on power of the micro...
I set the time for one min on high.
After about 40 seconds you can see the egg "PUFF" up to the top of the cup almost.
I then pause the micro.
Break the egg apart with a fork well.
Place back into micro then finish the min. I like my egg a little dry so adjust.

Then I add some frog ranch salsa.
Hughs sugar free ketchup that I mix with horseradish.

I have this after my morning workout for breakfast.

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We have also had this unscrambled, lightly butter inside of cup,
micro for about 50 seconds (don't scramble)
Dump the egg puff out onto a slice of fried ham.
Place a large shrimp on top, pepper.
Place a few shrimps around the Puff.
Lay a slice of munster over the top.
Nuke in micro till cheese gets soft and melty.

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Eggs are an amazing source of healthy protein and Omega-3.

However, eggs from the store raised in laying factory farms actually has more bad omega-6 than the omega-3.
And as a marketing hype, many of us have seen the so called 'cage-free' attribute where a 1x1 foot grate is bolted to the side of the building for the 'cage-free' and 'free-range' gimmicks.

Even Fresh eggs in the stores are not really that fresh other than possibly about 60-days out from when the hes laid them.
From the laying factory, to the truck can be 2 or 3 days as they eggs are collected and wait for pickup. Once on the truck, they are sent to the cleaning process. Cleaning is a bath wash, air dryers and then rolled thru a chlorinated gas hooded chamber. The eggs arrive for grading, color and sizing. Once in cartons, the eggs will be sorted until distribution centers place large enough orders. This can take up to 2 or 3 weeks.

From the distribution centers, eggs can sit for another 2 to 3 weeks before hitting the store shelves. The cartons are then marked with a Best Used By date.

We as customers are dumbfounded because all we ever see in the stores is Grade-A. Maybe at best a Grade-AA. Where are the Grade-B, Grade-C and Grade-D eggs then? B's are in your local restaurants and take-outs. Fast food uses both B's and C's. English muffin, ham and egg are the typical Grade-B. Eggs poured out of a jug as egg mixed slime is Grade-C. Grade-D are mixed into pet foods.

Why is there hype about eggs being good for you? We know about protein and omega-3 as mentioned before.
Should you find a local farm for fresh eggs, the best are organic, free-range, non-soy feed, low corn if at all feed, and a mixed breed flock. Eggs would be no more than a week old to 2 weeks old depending on the homestead or farm.
These eggs are fantastic as the yokes are deep in orange color rather than pale yellow. The non-soy eggs are very low in omega-6. What else is so special about these eggs then? BIOTIN.

Juan Ponce de León was obsessed with finding the fountain of youth, when in reality he had it all along, all around him. The Spanish eat plenty of eggs and so do the Latin American countries today. In fact Mexico leads the charge. BIOTIN is the fountain of youth.

An egg has all of the BIOTIN in the yoke. When I read articles or news saying egg yokes are unhealthy, I roll my eyes. You should too. Then what is bad in the egg then? It's the egg whites. Oh come on now, whats so bad about that? Egg whites have AVIDIN. Avidin causes inflammation, rapid aging and the omega-6 troubles in us today. So, am I saying to avoid egg whites then? Nope. Instead read on to be brilliantly educated in this matter and then likewise SHARE it with others you know.

When eggs are scrambled, the AVIDIN mixes with the BIOTIN. 1-AVIDIN will cleat to 4-BIOTINs. This puts you at a very disadvantage when consuming eggs raw or cooked because you will NEVER get the BIOTIN out of the eggs. The AVIDIN prevents you for getting it. The AVIDIN breaks down the BIOTIN too. Just like Juan Ponce de León, the fountain of youth becomes the old and aged instead.

So, how can you get the BIOTIN? Could separating the whites from the yoke help? Not really as the 4:1 rule still applies and there will always be a residue of egg white left around the yoke. The trick is, AVIDIN breaks down when exposed to heat. Sunny side up cooked eggs, not runny will in fact be the healthiest eggs to absorb the most BIOTIN ever! Likewise, hard boiled eggs are the same way.

Egg whites contain high levels of avidin, a protein that binds biotin strongly. When cooked, avidin is partially denatured and binding to biotin is reduced. However one study showed that 30-40% of the avidin activity was still present in the white after frying or boiling.[1] Genetic disorders such as biotinidase deficiency, multiple carboxylase deficiency, and holocarboxylase synthetase deficiency can also lead to inborn or late-onset forms of biotin deficiency.[citation needed] In all cases – dietary, genetic, or otherwise – supplementation with biotin is the primary method of treatment.

I'm an omelette lover like no other. And yes, being GF, I do sneak a GF french toast breakfast once a month. When I learned about AVIDIN, I nearly cried. It's bad enough being on a GF diet to begin with. Keto being stricter for omelets and scrambled eggs is no better.

Now to do a makeshift omelette, I first do the sunny-side-up with the whites fully cooked and then, scramble whats left. I've learned to make egg stir-frys instead. If you add the cheese, it works really well.

When a person consumes too much AVIDIN, they become BIOTIN depleted and so many bad health issues abound.

So, both on a GF diet and Keto, the breads, waffles, etc that require eggs and then baked isn't the smartest thing to do as the AVIDIN isn't broken down totally by the heat since it can hid in the rest of the ingredients.
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